Recruits: Paramedics Series 1 Episode 1

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Graduation day and 50 trainee paramedics celebrate making it through e...
Graduation day and 50 trainee paramedics celebrate making it through eight tough weeks of theory assessment at College. They've earned the right to hit the road.

24 year old Jenna gave up her job as a vet's assistant to become a paramedic. An hour into her first shift, Jenna and mentor Cleone rush to the aid of an elderly man in cardiac arrest. At college she practised CPR on dummies ... but now for the first time a human life rests in her hands.

Starting his new career is former tyre fitter, John Williams. Under the mentorship of Jordan, John heads out on his first emergency call - a 26 year old girl is critically ill with fever.

As one group of trainees hit the road, the next class of students start their journey at college. Former firey, Reynir, has been waiting seven years for this moment. And from day one the pressure is on. Educators stage a fake heart attack in the classroom to test the student's reaction time. When only 2 out of 50 trainees go to the aid of the victim the immensity of the challenge ahead becomes apparent.

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